Choosing Your Stairlift

Choosing Your Stairlift

A Stairlift enables you to access all floors and rooms in your home when manoeuvring the staircase becomes hazardous to your health and/or mobility.

Points to consider about your Mobility;

  • Your ability to transfer on and off the seat – including access to the stairlift, sitting down and standing up from it again
  • Your balance – this is your ability to remain steady when standing or to remain stationery when seated. Includes your ability to hold your body stable on the stairlift
  • Your posture – the position in which you hold your body and your ability to change position
  • Your body weight – Our advisors will ensure that your stairlift is suitable for you!

Who would a stairlift not be appropriate for?

  • Consider your sight, perception and memory – good ability in these areas ensure that a stairlift would be safe for you.

Choosing the right Stairlift for you

Upon accessing a usability survey and assessment, your requirements and options would be discussed. Stairlifts are available in straight, curved and perched formats and can accommodate the majority of user’s needs. With various technologies available, stairlifts are often built to your unique specifications to meet your individual requirements.Tailored made to your home and to suit your lifestyle requirements.

Consider the needs of the stairlift user when deciding which type of stairlift would be most suitable.

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