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Millbrook Healthcare presents ‘best practice’ for its Essex TEC service at the Digital Healthcare Show

Having been awarded the Transformation Award recently at the ITEC Conference 2022 (International Technology Enabled Care), the Essex TEC team at Millbrook Healthcare were invited by the TSA to share best-practice on its award-winning service at the Digital Healthcare Show.

The team were delighted to be asked to speak on behalf of the TSA at the Digital Health Show and share the model and the outcomes achieved so far by the Essex TEC service, which Millbrook and Provide have held since July 2021. It is currently assisting 4,500 service users.

Essex TEC is commissioned by Essex County Council (ECC) whose vision is for ‘Every adult to be able to live as independently as possible and to enjoy a good and meaningful life”. To this aim, ECC recognised the crucial and valuable role Millbrook Healthcare and Provide CIC could provide. Millbrook Healthcare’s digital technology enabled care innovations, along with a 24/7 monitoring and response service and benefits realisation process is designed to enable its service users to enjoy independent lives, even as their needs increase, and where data is used effectively to deliver a proactive end-to-end service.

The programme made radical changes from traditional approaches – designed around its core objective of large-scale, holistic, preventive care using TEC as an enabler, with the service user’s health, well-being and quality of life being the key metrics for judging investment of time and money.

The ECC and Millbrook Healthcare/Provide CIC consortium planned and implemented major transformation across their organisation using a proactive and preventative approach to health and social care. This specifically looked at the benefits realisation for Commissioners which was data-led and outcome focussed, giving the power to professionals to inform the mix of TEC and traditional care. Quantifiable benefits have already been realised in the reduction of the need for service users receiving domiciliary care and TEC enabling the facilitation of service users being discharged from hospital or care provision in a timely manner.

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