Millbrook Healthcare TEC Roadshows in Essex

Millbrook Healthcare TEC Roadshows in Essex

Contributors at the Essex TEC Roadshows

As part of the Essex TEC culture change initiative, Millbrook Healthcare and Essex County Council’s TEC Transformation Team put together a series of events during November 2022 designed to promote the use of technology to further the work of health professionals in the community. These sessions were designed to be accessible to regional teams and styled so that individuals had plenty of opportunity to discuss and explore how various situations they encounter could be supported to improve outcomes for service users.

Over the course of three events around 400 prescribing professionals participated in a range of tabletop presentations. Contributors to the event included tech innovators in the sector such as Oysta Technology, Vayyar & Anthropos as well as our consortium partner, Provide CIC – Carecall247 who delivers the monitoring and response services.

This roadshow saw attendance quadruple since the previous year. but as Claire Aldridge, Strategic Contracts Manager, commented ‘technology supported care is evolving quickly, so there is a real appetite amongst health colleagues to stay abreast of the developments. There is a growing awareness that connected devices can offer new solutions to help meet people’s conditions and improve outcomes. Also importantly, we are seeing quantifiable data that TEC is extending the reach and impact of Local Authority spending’.

Each roadshow carries several themes, with the focus being for this round being on Falls prevention, walking with purpose, cognitive wellbeing, social inclusion and future TEC.

In addition to exploring tech solutions and collaborating on the ways they can be utilised to support individuals with various needs, attendees were able to see real life case studies. Through personal stories, the Millbrook/Provide consortium were able to champion increases in confidence, independence and mental health amongst local residents from the end-to-end services TEC delivers.

The event saw an increase in prescribers signing up to follow-up training events which will enable them to access and implement TEC as part of their services. Furthermore, it provided opportunity for representatives from Millbrook Healthcare and ECC to listen to the needs of prescribers and conduct a survey to gain important feedback. Comments from attendees included that they ‘Really enjoyed the exhibition and the presentations were fantastic. Everyone was very passionate about what they do’ and that they ‘loved this event and think there should be more of them’. We also signed up another member for our ‘Digital Champion’. Our digital champions are a conduit for information to the teams they work within as well as being a touch point back to our TEC team at Millbrook.

Millbrook Healthcare and Essex County Council will be delivering the next roadshows in April/May 2023 where there will be a focus on analysing prescribing trends in the region. They would love to see as many prescribers from the Essex area as they can and are making plans to improve their hosting capacity to facilitate the growing interest.