Spotlight on Hollie Blunkell

Spotlight on Hollie Blunkell

Client Relationship Manager at Hertfordshire Wheelchair Service

Hollie joined Millbrook Healthcare as a Client relationship Manager at Hertfordshire Wheelchair Service in Welwyn Garden City in December 2020. Hollie leads a team of 10 highly experienced colleagues, who have been supportive of Hollie’s vision, which is to be an award-winning customer service team.

Soon after joining, Hollie spent time with the clinical team in face-to-face appointments and with our workshop and field service engineers to get a holistic view of the service, seeing first-hand how important our service is to service users and the difference we make. Hollie said this gave her a real sense of purpose and fulfilment.

With a background in supply chain management, Hollie has a good overview of the operational side of service delivery and as part of the Welwyn Garden City management team, she works with other department managers to provide the best possible experience for our service users.

Our Welwyn Garden City service centre is different to many others of our wheelchair services, as we have an integrated service, managing the whole process with the service user from start to finish, as well as three approved repairer contracts for another trust, for which we’re responsible for the repairs and maintenance of wheelchairs in the community. It can be a challenge running several different work streams alongside each other, with different priorities and timelines; this is where Hollie and her customer service team play an important role in making sure each stream of work is given the appropriate amount of time and attention to make sure we deliver our service.

Additionally, Hollie is one of our Mental Health First Aiders, having completed her training only a couple of months after joining us. Hollie said this has given her the ability to support colleagues in a way that she wouldn’t have been equipped to do before; she also said that from a personal development point of view, it showed her that Millbrook Healthcare is invested in her.

The Hertfordshire wheelchair service continues to get busier as we ease out of lockdown and we’re now running at pre-Covid-19 levels. Hollie said they’re also working on some new, exciting projects and initiatives, so it’s a great time to be a part of the Millbrook Healthcare team to help shape the service into something even better.