Technology Enabled Care (TEC) Services, also known as assistive technology or telecare, uses the latest technology and innovations to help you remain safe, comfortable and independent in your home. TEC supports you to achieve your personal outcomes and provides peace of mind to your family/carers.

Millbrook Healthcare provides assistive technology services on behalf of local authorities across the UK. We have a highly skilled team handling calls from our telecare alarms. They also carry out welfare calls to those very vulnerable customers supporting their needs.

We provide data analytics to our local authorities to support more preventative measures keeping their residents safe for longer in their homes.

We work with a variety of manufacturers and community partners to provide a range of sector-leading TEC solutions that give you the confidence to live safely and independently at home.

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Our range of TEC solutions

  • Medication reminders
  • Fall detectors
  • Pressure mats and bed sensors
  • GPS devices
  • Digital platforms that monitor behaviour changes.
  • A wide range of mobile-phone apps that can support with daily activities, learning and improve memory.
  • Personal alarm systems (also known as telecare). These devices are monitored 24/7/ 365 by our highly skilled team who will respond to the call and get you help if needed. This can either be calling family and friends to assist or calling the emergency services for you.

Accessing TEC through your local authority 

You may be prescribed TEC by a healthcare professional, such as a GP, Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist or other Community Therapist or by a social care professional such as a Care Worker or Social Worker.

They’ll discuss with you the type of equipment that would best support your needs and lifestyle and help you to achieve your chosen outcomes.

mi-guardian, available for private customers

Think about how nice it would be to know that there’s someone there for you, 24 hours a day, every day; a source of advice and constant support, there to help if the worst happens, like a fall or domestic crisis.

We’re offering a FREE 8-week trial, with nothing to pay if you change your mind during the trial period.

For more information, call 0800 130 0011 or click through to the mi-guardian website.

Watch the video below to see how the system works for Geoff.

Free 8 Week Trial

With nothing to pay if you change your mind during the trial period.

Call now on 0800 130 0011
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Our customer services team will contact you to arrange a convenient delivery slot. We can contact a family member or carer if you prefer.

You can set the equipment up yourself or, if you prefer, we can arrange for one of our friendly and trained technicians to come out to your home to install the TEC. They’ll set-up any equipment required, show you how it works and answer any questions you may have.

You’ll be provided with a detailed user guide and our customer services contact details in case you have any further queries.


You can reach our customer services team 24/7 (including weekends and Bank Holidays). They are there to provide support and answer any queries you may have.

Please contact us if there is a problem with your equipment or if you no longer need it. We will use a courier service to collect it and will arrange for a replacement to be posted to you free of charge where required.

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