The mi-life website offers an online self-assessment tool for you to decide the type of equipment you may need to help you live a more independent life.

By simply answering a few questions about your needs, the tool allows you to self-assess for:

  • Simple daily living aids – like bathing or toileting items
  • Telecare equipment and other assistive technology – such as personal alarms in case of falls
  • Home improvement agency – adaptations
  • Adaptations you might need to your home, such as grab rails

The self-assessment tool is very easy to use and navigate and enables you to self-assess for simple items, without the need to see an occupational therapist.

Key features of the system are:

  • Easy access via any device with an internet connection
  • A direct link to the mi-life catalogue, enabling you to browse and buy equipment
  • Access to news and information
  • Access to simple-to-use home adaptation drawing software.  Below are images produced by the software, which show how the result would look in your home in 3D.
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The system also allows you to sign up for the newsletter, or connect with us on social media.

If, at the end of your self-assessment, the system believes you would benefit from a full assessment with an occupational therapist, it will tell you and let you download a form to request and appointment.