For complex seating needs, we work with seating specialists Consolor to provide a bespoke specialist seating solution tailored to your individual requirements.

Holistic assessment

A highly experienced therapist and specialist seating engineer will assess your needs in one of our comfortable wheelchair service clinics.

If you cannot reach your local clinic, our team will complete your assessment at a community venue or from the comfort of your own home.

State-of-the-art technology

During your assessment, your body shape will be scanned in 3D.

Using automated manufacturing techniques, our specialist engineers will create a bespoke moulded seat that is perfectly fitted to your body.


From assessment to handover, our specialist seating team will provide help and support and answer any questions you might have.

“The handover session was straightforward and without issue. Please may I extend my gratitude to your team, for not only bringing the handover date forward and expediting delivery, but for a very effective clinical solution.”

Consolor Service User

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Take a look at our robot at work in the video below.