Sight and Hearing Team

The Sight and Hearing Team is a county-wide team. Qualified staff specialise in assisting people with sight and hearing difficulties, including people who are deaf/blind.

They can help you regain your independence in everyday areas such as mobility, communication and daily living skills. They also assist with identifying relevant equipment and services.

The Sight and Hearing Team is funded by Dorset County Council to provide a preventative and enabling service, which delivers information, advice and support to Dorset communities.

How we can help you

The sensory impairment and prevention support service provides a range of helpful interventions such as:
  • Advice and information
  • Assessment and support planning
  • Prescribing and installation of assistive technology
  • Rehabilitation support - mobility, daily living, low vision support
  • Lifestyle support through leisure, education, employment and welfare
  • Links to community and peer support

    We can provide free, impartial advice and information at our Sight and Sound centre. The centre is based in Dorchester. It holds a range of equipment for anyone with a sight and hearing difficulty, their carers and families to come and see and try. Examples of equipment include:

    • TV listeners/communicators
    • Doorbells
    • Lighting
    • CCTV/video magnifiers
    • Sunshade and anti-glare sunglasses

      Visits to the Sight and Sound centre is by appointment only, please call 0333 003 0010 to arrange a visit.


      Your eye clinic consultant may ask us to register you as sight impaired, by sending us a Certificate of Visual Impairment (CVI). If you are deaf, deafened or hard of hearing, and you wish to be registered, please speak to a member of the Sight and Hearing team.

      Further assessment

      A full assessment can be undertaken by our specialists in your own home if required. Please contact us for further information and to refer yourself to a member of the team.


      Sight and Hearing Team
      Millbrook Healthcare
      Higher Shaftesbury Road
      Sunrise Business Park
      Blandford Forum
      DT11 8ST

      Tel: 0333 003 0010
      SMS: 07817 359722