To help you and your carer, we’ve produced helpful equipment guides for daily checks of certain products.

Click on one of the buttons below to find the equipment guide you’d like to see:

After we’ve delivered and installed your equipment, our technician will give you a full handover. They’ll show you (or your carer or anyone else who helps you) the correct and safe way to operate your equipment. They’ll also show you any potential hazards to make sure you stay safe.

Before our technician leaves you, they’ll make sure that you understand:
  • how to take care of your equipment
  • how to use it correctly
  • how to carry out daily safety checks
  • how to keep it clean and how to clean it safely
  • how to maintain and clean your item(s)
They’ll also explain:
  • how to report any faults – we need to make sure you are safe at all times and that the equipment is fit to use
  • that the equipment is on loan to you and we’d quite like you to look after it as much as you can, please
  • what to do if you no longer need it and would like us to collect it
  • how to get in touch with us and where you can find our phone number